Quest and Updates

  • Quest Progression Updates
    We are providing some extra information regarding the Quest Progression in PSOBB

Unlike in previous iterations of Phantasy Star Online (such as the Gamecube or the Dreamcast versions) PSOBB changed the way you unlock the new areas for Free Exploration and centralized everything into the Main Storyline System, also commonly known as Government Quests.

All Episodes

Government Quests can be found at the Principal's Office if you are playing Episode 1 & 4 by speaking to Momoka or at the Laboratory Area if you are playing Episode 2 by speaking to Nol, these quests are the Main Scenario of the PSOBB storyline, they are separated by sections such as 1-1, 1-2, 1-3...Etc. and after clearing a Section the current Quest area will be unlocked for Free Exploration and you will be also given a Weapon as a reward from the Chief's Assistants.

It is also possible to partake these Quests with up to 4 players and we highly encourage to do so as they are a perfect place to level up in groups.

※The progress of these quests are limited to the current selected Difficulty, so they will have to be replayed at higher difficulties to unlock their areas and get even better Weapons as a reward!

That being said, we hope you enjoy playing with us PSO BB here on the SCHTSERV Network.