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Report of Latest Game/Server Fixes #2 / 10-31-2022 10:53

Greetings, this is the SCHTSERV PSOBB Server Team,

It's been almost a month since our last report and while Halloween is about to end we've been hard at work fixing stuff in the game, during this 2nd Fix Report we've dedicated to do several fixes to various underlying systems from the SHIP server:

  • We've rebalanced and fixed Challenge Mode drops from Set Boxes and Monsters to make them match with the GC/XBOX versions of the game. These fixes applies to all Challenge Mode Stages from Episode 1 and Episode 2 respectively.
  • Rare Monster appearance rate has been adjusted to match the proper rate of appearance from the game specs, now it is set to 1/500 this also applies to PSO GC/XBOX as well.
  • Several lobby fixes including the addition of the Wedding and White Day Lobbies (More information about these in an upcoming update).
  • Episode 2 area "Central Control Area" had a bug with the main gate switches allowing under certain conditions to bypass all the Ga Da Val island areas and go straight into the Dam area and defeat the main boss.
  • Adjusted the Drop Tables for Episode 4 Normal, Hard and Very Hard difficulties to improve the chances of getting better normal weapons (orange boxes) and thus allowing you to hunt for rares more comfortably.

The Game Client has been heavily updated as well, so now it's version changed (you can verify this on the title screen) to Scht 2.1 heres a small list of the fixes made client side:

  • Updated the main client underlying middleware to improve security and stability while loading quests or creating new rooms.
  • Adjusted the game client region parameters to English, this time the client wont be a pseudo-english client like previously but a proper English Client like the one offered in PSOBB US, this means, several text strings and weird descriptions has been fixed across the game.
  • Word Select has been fixed and is working as intended.
  • Updated several text strings with more corrections.

We want to thank everyone that had reached to us with their questions, bug reports, doubts, that had ultimately helped us to tackle some of these bugs. In the meantime, we continue to work on bringing you the most polished PSOBB version.

Until next time in the next Fix Report