News and Maintenance

Today's Maintenance Details / 10-05-2022 22:2

Greetings, this is the SCHTSERV PSOBB Server Team,

We will be deploying a couple of fixes to the game and the TITAN Ship, theres a posibility the connection between the client and the server can get interrupted due to a restart scheduled to happen at around 8:00 EST and should last less than 5 minutes.

For the Game Client we will be deploying client fixes which should fix the issue with unwanted textures that affected some monsters and bosses in the game alongside updated text string corrections.

For the Server we will apply various small bug fixes and a small adjustment to the Episode 4 Drop Rates.

We are grateful of everyone's reports, in case the problems with the client persist or you notice something out of the ordinary let us know in our Discord channels.

Thank you for your cooperation