News and Maintenance

Today's Maintenance Details / 11-14-2022 07:32

Greetings, this is the SCHTSERV PSOBB Server Team,

We just finished doing a full SHIP restart to apply the latest fixes to the Team System fixing the latest lingering bugs present in this system logic.

Alongside this update the Team Rewards are available for purchase as well with the following prices:

  • Team Flag 2800 pts
  • Dressing Room 3000 pts
  • 20 Member Extension 1500 pts
  • 40 Member Extension 4000 pts
  • 70 Member Extension 9000 pts
  • Team Quest: Toys' Twilight 1000 pts
  • Team Quest: Point of Disaster 3000 pts

You can purchase these rewards by accesing your Team Menu at the Lobby Counter in the section Team Privileges, please note, only the Team Master is able to buy these rewards for their Team.

We've also prepared a small preview of the new Team Quests with more detailed information.

Upon purchasing the quests, you can access them via a new category in the Episode 4 Hunter's Guild called Team, this category will be available only if the party host belongs to a team that had purchased these quests beforehand and can be played only between members of the same team.

We hope you enjoy this new update as we keep working on improving your experience playing PSOBB.