News and Maintenance

Re-Opening of Challenge Mode / 10-31-2022 10:59

Greetings, this is the SCHTSERV PSOBB Server Team,

We are proud to announce that after several weeks of testing and with our group of veteran C-Modders we can confirm the fixes we've been applying to Challenge Mode are successful, that means, you are able to play Challenge Mode from beginning to end in both Episode 1 or Episode 2 Stages.

The fixes are available starting today with our latest Server/Client updates. You can access all the Challenge Mode quests from the main Lobby Counter.

About Challenge Mode

Challenge Mode is a special game mode for 2 players or more where you begin with Lv. 1 and you must make your way through the whole areas of the game, with the challenge of being short on supplies and relying only on the items that monsters and boxes and your fellow hunters can provide you as you are unable to return to town. SEGA's vision for this mode was to allow the most veteran players to partake in a very challenging set of quests with different kinds of obstacles that they must clear together, cooperation is key to succeed in this mode.